Rechargeable Hearing Aid Battery Comparison

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Battery Comparison

When it comes to batteries, hearing aid wearers know what they want. Recently, conducted a 500+ patient survey to find out exactly what key factors wearers are looking for. The results were clear: 70% of hearing aid wearers wanted rechargeable batteries! But that’s not all, they want them to provide dependable all-day power on a single charge and they want the flexibility that comes with being able to change-out their rechargeables for single use zinc-air batteries should the need arise.

*Based on Hearing Tracker Survey. Click here to read more. 

See below for a comparison of rechargeable battery technologies that are currently or soon to be available for hearing aids.

Battery TechnologyNickel Metal
Lithium ion
All-day power including streaming
Removable & Interchangable with Zinc Air Disposables
Can Be Fit On Patient's Current Hearing Aid
Available For Various Hearing Aid Brands
Available for Basic, Advanced and Premium Hearing Aid Technologies
Available in
Battery Size 312
Available in
Battery Size 13
100% Recyclable, non-flammable & Non-Toxic


Learn More About the Hearing Aid Brands Now Offering ZPower Rechargeable Batteries Built In!


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