How to Buy

We have partnered with the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers to bring you rechargeable hearing aids featuring ZPower technology. See below for our manufacturer partners and their ZPower rechargeable hearing aid models. Please follow the links to find participating Hearing Health Care Providers in your area.

Available for:

Moxi Fit R

ZCode: Z305-312

Available for:

Trust | Legend | First

ZCode: Z101-312

Coming Soon:

Alpha 2 MPO™ ePlus™

ZCode: SZ401-13

Coming Soon:

Opn™ miniRITE Rc

ZCode: Z601-312

ZPower retrofit available for

Signia Pure | Rexton Emerald

ZCode: Z202-312

Available for:

NOWPremier Wireless

ZCode: Z501-312

Available for:

Audibel A4 Platinum Wireless

ZCode: Z501-312

Are You a Hearing Care Provider?

Ask your hearing aid manufacturer representative for more information or contact ZPower.


for Signia Pure and Rexton Emerald ZPower Systems

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