Compatible with the World's Most
Hearing Aids

The hearing aid battery door is simply replaced with our ZPower battery door by a Hearing Care Provider. Using the ZPower battery door and ZPower battery quickly makes many hearing aids rechargeable.

Z101-312BeltoneLegend (LND1763-DRW, LND963-DRW, LND663-DRW)
First (FI1763-DRW, FI963-DRW, FI663-DRW)
Z104-312GN HearingLiNX2 (9, 7, 5) *Available in 2017
Z202-312Siemens / SigniaPure (primax 7, primax 5, primax 3, binax 7, binax 5, binax 3, Orion2, micon 7, micon 5, micon 3, Orion)
RextonEmerald (S60 4c, S40 4c)
Audio ServiceMood (16G3, 12G3, 8G3)
StarkeyMuse micro RIC 312t

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