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ZPower Certified as Medical Device Supplier

ZPower certified for Hearing Aids has met the Medical Device Quality System standard ZPower, the world’s only developer of rechargeable, silver-zinc microbatteries, and the manufacturer of the ZPower Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids, has met the Medical Device Quality System standard, which recognizes ZPower certified as a competent supplier of medical devices. Specifically, the notified […]


Starkey Rechargeable Battery Option from ZPower

Starkey Upgrades Halo and Muse Hearing Aids – Rechargeable and More A rechargeable battery option, faster sound processing, more connectivity and better smartphone app control position new models at the cutting edge Starkey Hearing Technologies is upgrading its Halo and Muse hearing aids with its next-generation Acuity OS2 sound-processing solution, an improved TruLink 4.0 smartphone […]


Starkey Hearing Aids Muse Announcement

Starkey Hearing Aids, Muse™, Now Powered by ZPower Starkey Hearing Aids, Muse™, now available in a ZPower rechargeable option American-owned and -operated Starkey hearing aids, announced that, beginning in February 2017, it will offer its highly popular Muse™ micro RIC 312t in a ZPower rechargeable battery option. The Muse™ micro RIC 312t is Starkey’s® “made […]

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable Hearing Aids A Look At The Options for 2017

Rechargeable Hearing Aids – A Look At The Options for 2017 A new generation of rechargeable battery technologies promises to make life easier for rechargeable hearing aids consumers in 2017. When two new rechargeable hearing aid models and an innovative new retrofit rechargeable battery system hit the market in late 2016, consumers finally got a […]


AudiologyOnline: Using the New ZPower Rechargeable Solution for Hearing Aids to Benefit Your Patients and Practice

Audiology Online, March 16, 2015 Interview with Barry Freeman, PhD, Vice President of Business Development, ZPower Carolyn Smaka: Thanks for joining, Barry. Today we’re going to discuss disruptive innovations, and how hearing care professionals can leverage new trends. Can you explain what a disruptive innovation is? Barry Freeman: The term disruptive innovation comes from Harvard’s […]

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In Light of Recent Lithium-Ion Battery Fires, ZPower Reiterates Safety of Silver-Zinc Chemistry

In light of a massive September 1, 2016, cell phone recall, which was necessitated by the explosion of thirty-five lithium-ion cell phone batteries, ZPower, the world’s only developer of rechargeable, silver-zinc miniature batteries, wants to remind its customers that ZPower batteries are 100% non-flammable and non-toxic. They are one of the safest options on the […]

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Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids at International Hearing Society Convention & Expo

Camarillo, CA – September 1st, 2016 – ZPower, the world’s only developer of rechargeable, silver-zinc  microbatteries, will feature its rechargeable system for hearing aids at the upcoming International Hearing Society Convention & Expo, which takes place September 8th – 10th in Chicago, IL.  The International Hearing Society (IHS), which hosts the convention, is a membership […]

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries Testimonial

Hearing Tracker Survey Sheds Light On Consumer Preferences

Last week we posted the results of a Hearing Tracker survey of 500 consumers and 100 hearing care providers that investigated what these groups want in a rechargeable hearing aid solution. The results reveal that both wearers and providers want rechargeable batteries for their hearing aids. But the results also show that there is some […]

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Hearing Tracker Survey Says Wearers Want Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Hearing Tracker Survey Results Are In! When it comes to batteries, hearing aid wearers know what they want. Recently, HearingTracker.com conducted a 500+ patient survey to find out exactly what key factors wearers are looking for. The results were clear: Hearing aid wearers want rechargeable batteries! But that’s not all, they want them to provide […]