Managing Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries: Considerations for the Clinical Practice

Original article can be found on Hearing Health & Technology Matters Authors: Barry A. Freeman, Ph.D., Vice President, Business Development, ZPower LLC, Michael Brady, B.S. Chemistry, Associate Research Scientist, ZPower LLC Jeff Ortega, Ph.D., Director of Research, ZPower LLC Background: There have been many defining moments in technology advancements in hearing aids since transistors first […]

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Getting the Most Out of Your Silver-Zinc Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

Orignally published April 16th on the website Hearing Aid Know | Written by Sara Sable-Antry, ZPower Vice President of Sales & Marketing Care Tips For Your Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries Silver-zinc rechargeable hearing aid batteries now provide all-day power for many of today’s most advanced rechargeable hearing aids. Available as a built-in option on styles from nearly every […]


The Changing Landscape of Hearing Aid Batteries

Not since transistors replaced vacuum tubes, and the drastic reduction in battery size and current drains made headlines, has there been a time where so much has been written about batteries. But now, as we enter a new era of microbattery technology there is much to say – particularly when it comes to hearing aid […]

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Healthy Hearing: The latest rechargeable hearing aids: are they right for you?

Contributed by Brande Plotnick, MS, MBA, managing editor, Healthy Hearing August 17, 2017 Those tiny silver batteries you have to keep buying and changing are the unsung heroes behind hearing aids. Without them, the best technology housed inside your trusty hearing aids can’t run. When they go dead unexpectedly, your hearing aids become nothing but expensive earplugs. […]

Hearing test for Better Hearing and Speech Month

May Is Better Hearing and Speech Month – Get Your Hearing Tested!

This May, Make Better Hearing A Priority! Each May, the American Speech–Language–Hearing Association (ASHA) sponsors Better Hearing and Speech Month in order to raise awareness for communication disorders. This year’s theme is “Communication: The Key to Connection.” And, while it goes without saying that being able to hear is a cornerstone of communication, the fact […]


Starkey Rechargeable Battery Option from ZPower

Starkey Upgrades Halo and Muse Hearing Aids – Rechargeable and More A rechargeable battery option, faster sound processing, more connectivity and better smartphone app control position new models at the cutting edge Starkey Hearing Technologies is upgrading its Halo and Muse hearing aids with its next-generation Acuity OS2 sound-processing solution, an improved TruLink 4.0 smartphone […]

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Starkey Hearing Aids Muse Announcement

Starkey Hearing Aids, Muse™, Now Powered by ZPower Starkey Hearing Aids, Muse™, now available in a ZPower rechargeable option American-owned and -operated Starkey hearing aids, announced that, beginning in February 2017, it will offer its highly popular Muse™ micro RIC 312t in a ZPower rechargeable battery option. The Muse™ micro RIC 312t is Starkey’s® “made […]

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Rechargeable Hearing Aids A Look At The Options for 2017

Rechargeable Hearing Aids – A Look At The Options for 2017 A new generation of rechargeable battery technologies promises to make life easier for rechargeable hearing aids consumers in 2017. When two new rechargeable hearing aid models and an innovative new retrofit rechargeable battery system hit the market in late 2016, consumers finally got a […]

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How Safe are Lithium Ion Batteries? Are There Safer Alternatives?

The Popularity of Lithium Ion Batteries Because of lithium’s enormous capacity as an energy source, it has been the focus of much of the rechargeable battery industry’s time and attention. This effort has led to the development of lithium ion batteries, which are rechargeable and more stable than their solid lithium counterparts. Currently, it is […]

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