Effective Discharge Capacity
(312 Battery)

ZPower Is Different: It Uses Silver-Zinc Battery Technology

ZPower vs. Traditional Rechargeable Hearing Aid Technology

ZPower offers the confidence of all-day power on an overnight charge.

Traditional rechargeable hearing aids with NiMH* technology don't even come close.

Performance with ZPower

Installing the ZPower System does not change the performance of hearing aids. When the ZPower battery was tested in multiple hearing aids, there was no change electroacoustically between ZPower and zinc-air technology.

Hearing Aid (312)

*Testing conducted by University of Pittsburgh

ZPower Aces the Tests

Hearing Aid Electroacoustic Performance & Regulatory Compliance

OEM equivalent: measurements within test equipment test tolerances or met the same pass criteria
Delta: Sound Pressure Level 200 Hz - <8000 Hz: +/- 2.1 dB; 8000 Hz: +/- 3.0 dB; Frequency: +/- 0.5 %