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Do I need to clean the charging contacts on my hearing aids and charger?

Yes, to ensure your hearing aids charge properly, it is important that the hearing aids and charger are dry and clean before charging. Use a soft tissue to remove moisture or debris on the hearing aids and charger contacts. The soft brush that is included with hearing aids may also be used to remove debris from the charging wells. Do not use rubbing alcohol or other chemical substances.

What happens when the silver-zinc rechargeable battery is getting low on power?

The hearing aid wearer will hear the low battery warning. Once the low-battery warning occurs or once a hearing aid shuts off due to a low battery condition, the battery door should not be opened and closed to reboot the hearing aid. Rebooting after the low battery warning can override the smart circuitry in the battery door into believing it has a traditional disposable battery installed and, although the hearing aid will continue to work for a short period, it may over-discharge the battery. If a low-battery warning from the hearing aids is received, the hearing aids should be placed in the charging base for charging or the batteries should be replaced with non-rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable batteries should not be stored with metal objects such as keys or coins.

I use a hearing aid app to track the battery life of my disposable batteries, can I use the same app to track the battery life of ZPower rechargeable batteries?

No, the apps provided by the hearing aid manufacturers do not accurately track the battery life of ZPower rechargeable batteries. The apps were designed to predict the battery life of disposable zinc-air batteries. However, the app will still show a battery life estimate, you should ignore this estimate as it is not accurate. At this time, there are no apps to measure the battery life of a silver-zinc battery.

Can I use an active drying system for hearing aids with ZPower batteries?

Active drying systems may have temperature ranges that exceed the recommended rechargeable battery operating temperature, which can cause damage to silver-zinc rechargeable batteries. Therefore, when using an active drying system, the batteries need to be removed from the hearing aids prior to drying. For this reason, a ZPower compatible dryer system will be released to the market in late 2018. The dryer system will work with any ZPower charger and the system will provide charging, active drying and a UV light for a complete all in one system.

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